$120 per financial year

Membership $120.00 per financial year

We are serious about supporting you to develop your business and believe that your business is essential and important to the growth of our business community.  

We offer: -

The Proserpine Chamber of Commerce provides you with networking opportunities to help you engage with other businesses, key stakeholders and leaders in the community.  It links you with the means to collaborate and share valuable business knowledge and develop potential leads.

When you cannot be heard alone, joint with other businesses who also want to be heard at a local, state and federal level.  United, we provide a strong voice to ensure that your business interests are heard and understood.  This helps to create a strong and prosperous economic environment in Proserpine.

Professional Development
We will provide and share with you information, workshops and links so that you gain insights into the local economy and industry. This helps you to grow your business knowledge and skills and keep you up to date.  Perhaps you have something you can share with other businesses to help them grow in their knowledge and skill, if this is you then please let us know so we can create the right environment for you to share that knowledge and skill with other local businesses.

To support you and advocate on your behalf the Proserpine Chamber of Commerce relies on a collective voice, that means memberships and engaged businesses.  So we invite you to become a part of our Chamber and be heard.

What's included: 

  • Invites to monthly networking events
  • Opportunity to host a networking event 
  • Opportunity to promote your business
  • Invites to morning coffee information sessions
  • Mailing List inclusion
  • Industry connections
  • Advocacy


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